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Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Suck My DIck. From

5 things; u DO NOT do while sucking his dick.

This particular post is mainly for those of you who DO NOT know WTF your doing. I turned to some of my Twitter followers for help about this post, as I am not sure what it is that your NOT supposed to do. I can be of more help when it comes to telling u what you NEED to do when slurping the juices out of your partner. READ & LEARN ladies (& my homosexual followers).

5 things: You DO NOT do while sucking his dick.

01. Stop Suckin to Get Air. Breathe thru ur Nostrils Bitch.

02. ask can they stop. wtf? baby suck it till i cum

03. Spit and Miss // Sneezing

04. Dry mouth -- improper lubrication can lead to pain.

05. DO NOT try to "chew" his dick. Dont take the word CHEW 2 literal.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OFF DA WALL EP 1996-1997

Off Da Wall Crew -Dread Mighty, Knowledge, Raf, Powerful, Tryflyn, Ray Gunnz, Lo Key & Lord Original of which Knowledg, DM, & Raf are the MC's & producers of a dynamic crew that did this 1996/1997 demo for Chrysalis Records. Many of the songs are lost but the three here are digital copies of the tapes made after DM's release from prison.


RAF - Last Man Standing EP

This is Raf's EP "Last Man Standing". Off Da Wall crew-Knowledge (formerly Smoove One), Dread Mighty (formerly Sine) & Raf (formerly Remraf) are a prolific and dynamic rap group from Chicago known for battling, and writing. We had a few deals both as ODW and as individuals both on major and indie labels and have performed all across the US (and outside!) alongside golden agers & new school heads.