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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I love cats, yes...if you think cats is bitch shit, well cool, I'll bring my Caracal, and you bring your dog. I'll bring ssome salt too-cos NYC got some pussy ass dogs that my current (or rather former) cat Mongo could fuck up...

Catching birds flying~


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AND some Danish Trip Hop!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not A Blogger

Blogging is some shit you do constantly...I constantly do...other shit! But DONT MISS OUT!!

Holler at me here:

If you hadnt noticed..

Also...........Japanther in his living room!

Check out this video: JAPANTHER in my living room

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I shouldna left you...

Last semester was redick, but Im in the new one after holding guns to the heads of Financial Aid officers and kidnapping Bursars children, and the bomb threat at the registrars office! I only skimped on one article in my wave of violence against Pratt and that was to bash my World Civ "professor"s ego in, but we'll get to that some other time in the near furture (insert evil cackle & hand-wringing).

As far as performing, havent done anything signifigant since Pratt, but def want to organize sth like a tour for summer, only asked twice-my grind is off but Its getting back up!
As far as product: Works in progress:
"Black Nationalist Porn" Split with Maf Maddix (twitter- @mafmaddix)Is purrrrty much done, with about 14 tracks, split evenly between us two, King Selam (@selamawitt, @kingselam, @dreadmighty) and we're plodding happily along with what we be doin!
Next is the new Off Da Wall project "Iron Reign" with Knowledge, Ransom & yours truly, with production by RusoKid, Unknown, and yours truly.
Lastly I'm slothenly doing a mixtape (as I always slothenly do) for 2010!

Looking for more splits/collabs right about now since I have recording access in my room & the schools digital design studio. SO holler.
And NOW, for something completely different: