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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maf Maddix "The Known Unknown"

My CABrother Maf Maddix dropped a joint called the Known Unknown that yall should take a listen to:

ReRePost: Low Budget Sabotage

ONCE AGAIN! My shelved LP from Man Bites Dog records (get Copyrights & Empuls shit btw) for free download! Just get a taste- finna repost a bunch of shit due to wack ass zshare's limitations! is basically my shit!

CAGSTA "Tracie's Seed" Free Download

Want to hear some early Oddissee tracks? How about some old Flex Mathews? Yes, of course you do- my boy Cagsta released this jawn 'bout '04 or so, now he's all wifed & seeded up with a good-ass job and all that but I wanted heads to hear Cagsta & Oddisee back in the days! I aint got all the track names, because I no longer have the original CD, but fuck it-DMV STAND UP!