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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Wacky World Of Public Transportation

So I went to Boston Thursday to try and jump in at MGH clinic for my chest prolems, and...
it wasn't there!! Yay! NOW whatoeyedo? Oh yeah! Karma Loop, Bodega, Yaambo! So I 50 cented Yaambo, went to Bodega (which closes at 6p apparently) and then to KarmaLoop and browsed until I met up with Yaambo and we caught up on things.

I shall now skip those things.
It used to be that at 12.01a any given weekday morn, you could be back in Prov in about an hour & even have a minute or so to get the last bus to my crib in the styx.

So -after running to the OJ line, running to switch to the Tomato line and then running up the South Station stairs and bowing over security posted to keep our coach bus system terror-free, butting in line only to find out that there's no bus till 2:15a! Yay! TWO HOURS OF NOTHING TO DO IN BOSTON?! YES!!

So What did I do? I went into graffitti writer mode! No I didnt scribe my handcock on nothin, I just played "urban ninja" with the meth & crack heads of Bostons' Chinatown. A dangerous game to be sure, since I actually did have cash, nice gym shoes & and energy drink bumpin Ardimus "When Nothing Goes Right" (iTunes yaw-get that).
I went through several Chinatown alleys, slipped into a Gentleman's bar to see a few nekkid chicks, got all the way up the ramp of South Station's Bus Terminal and walked a few blocks of tracks along the T commuter rail.

If I had a can, I probably would have missed my 2:15 bus to Prov.. (nostalgic pause)

-ill continue this later...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Video! Take Yo Vee's

This is my hella ameteur (but came out decent amazingly enough!) jaunt in to video directing/editing/shooting/everything. Featuring the lovely towns of Boston, Providence, New York, Philly, DC, Richmond & Chicago! I love running about the cities & I figured Take yo Vees would be better off as the premier DIY vid. (All jock-holding comments greatly encouraged!)

the project I was working on with MBD? Where is it? It's in a Guantanamo cell, nekkid with a bible shoved up its ass, leashed to a german shepherd's penis.

the 2008 Projects are as follows:

"Equal Got To Me" mixtape
"Chicago & Beyond" mixtape "The Fights Over"
& the 8 song CD "Empire of Ashes" featuring beats & lyrics by (wait for it!) me! I know, what a concept!
I'm shooting for November, with the mixtapes coming out whenever I get around to them...

I'm also working on two other projects with Maf Maddix of Ninja Science (North Carolina) & another with Marcus Garvey Lite (DC/ATL) & my kid brother Kikuyu Allah (Chicago/BKLYN)
Maf Maddix & I are doing a project called "Black Nationalist Porn" as a split CD of 20 tracks, & MG, Kikuyu & I are Typical Stereo Negros in "The Negro Problem".

Stay tuned!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Another fuckin rapper got a gat-damn blog.

Yes me hearties! and it's ME! I'm that other fuckin rapper! Yay!
So..what will I be blogging about? Crap! Because if I blogged about relevant shit, no one would read it, except the evil big brother corporate government alien conspirators... Since I'd rather be free than sharing a cell in a ghost-penn with Fox Mulder we will talk about my hatred of white people, fashion, gym shoes, the scourge of Bravo! on cable networks and plagerising other blogs to make it seem as if I have a cool ass life doing shit everybody wish they could.
With that being said, I'm going to go about my mundane existance-after I try again to grab the ULTRA RARE Jordan Phly's off Ebay (if anybody know where to grab these anywhere else, lemme know!), throw on my fat truck jewelry and have sex with some random model. JEEVES!! GET THE KEYS TO THE BUGATI!