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Monday, November 24, 2008

Movies Im Checking For and New SHIT!

1st: The All Mighty Show!! 8p EST Weds! Me & Mighty Joe Young finna play the Hip Hop minus the R&B! Not just Golden, not just Gangsta, but what ever we dig...which means-if we dig YOUR shit, we'll play it! Send MP3's to and a brief bio:
Who, What & Where-and if we diggin that shit, we finna play it!

2nd: "Equal Got To Me" mixtape is finna drop, so if you aint get your girl a X-Mess present, give her ME! More info on that laterz!

3rd: Movies I'm checking for!
Rise Of THe (Mothafuckin!) Lycans!

This isnt to say that these shits'll be any good (How many Punisher movies have there been now?!?)
I'm just saying I'm cheking for 'em-as well as The Wacthmen, but I'm not hearing good things about it -unfortunatley like Fantastic FOur, I have to see it on General PrincipaL!


(Provided by my homegirl MARY P! to my inbox!!)

Ludacris live & FREE BITCHES!

Tuesday Nov 25th At the Highline Ballroom
431 West 16th St Manhattan SEVEN PM
THat means get there earlier.
Ill be on my way to RI that night so Im finna Miss it, but if you see a stocky swoll white boy in a vest, I'm pretty sure thats DJ BioNYC-you should big him up and slap a CD in his hand!

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