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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Video! Take Yo Vee's

This is my hella ameteur (but came out decent amazingly enough!) jaunt in to video directing/editing/shooting/everything. Featuring the lovely towns of Boston, Providence, New York, Philly, DC, Richmond & Chicago! I love running about the cities & I figured Take yo Vees would be better off as the premier DIY vid. (All jock-holding comments greatly encouraged!)

the project I was working on with MBD? Where is it? It's in a Guantanamo cell, nekkid with a bible shoved up its ass, leashed to a german shepherd's penis.

the 2008 Projects are as follows:

"Equal Got To Me" mixtape
"Chicago & Beyond" mixtape "The Fights Over"
& the 8 song CD "Empire of Ashes" featuring beats & lyrics by (wait for it!) me! I know, what a concept!
I'm shooting for November, with the mixtapes coming out whenever I get around to them...

I'm also working on two other projects with Maf Maddix of Ninja Science (North Carolina) & another with Marcus Garvey Lite (DC/ATL) & my kid brother Kikuyu Allah (Chicago/BKLYN)
Maf Maddix & I are doing a project called "Black Nationalist Porn" as a split CD of 20 tracks, & MG, Kikuyu & I are Typical Stereo Negros in "The Negro Problem".

Stay tuned!

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