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Sunday, January 11, 2009

BART & riots

I dont know how yaw see it, but regardless of why, a cop pulled his pistol on an unarmed, restrained man, shot & killed him.

I have to ask: Why did so many people find it necessary to begin recording? Will Oakland have to riot in order to find a sense of justice?

Niccolo Machiavelli (who Tupac got his AKA from) wrote in the Prince that when the public riots, they are usually right. Have you ever seen or heard of a riot that wasn't due to the mismanagement of government-especially of an executive branch of the gov't?

If this was in Texas, I would call for lethal injection for a cold blooded murder. If they could "prove" the pig didn't mean to, I could stand for a looong sentence from which the next time he is free, he will be speaking to St. Peter-which is probably the best we can get from California.

If these people through nepotism, racism, or bribery attempt to allow this man to continue with his life, I pray that everyone get's on the BART, goes to downtown San Francisco where the Prada shop & Neiman Marcus' are located and riot from there.

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