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Friday, January 9, 2009

Divine Cee.

Black Mongoose kicked off last Friday Jan 2nd-and I was there-as well as Unknown (my fav producer), Oddisee, K-Chromosome, Flex Mathews and hella other cats like DJ CAM One I aint seen in about 2 winter moons! It was a small, yet good-vibe set with Oddisee actually dropping a pretty dope verse accapella! Black Mongoose is at Chief Ikes every Friday with Flex hosting-$5 in DC! The night before I hollered at the Wu at 9:30 Club. Tell the truth, Brooklyn Zu was decent den a mug, Icewater?-meh- and Wu? Let's just say; they were better before-long before...I've seen Wu twice in the past five years and it of course doesn't come close to them in even '02-forget the late 90s!! We all know the songs, but it was lack-luster, which GhostFace musta felt, cos dude was out. THe Wu at 9:30 gets a 6 on a scale of 1-10 this time around, but genius always gets a pass for past brilliance so I'm not hatin' in the least!

On the 10th I went to meet Selamwit from Shade Magazine at Tryst, we got turned away (sorta) from Section 8 where in the drizzling rain I couldn't bring my ball cap in the club-mind you now-not simply I can't wear my cap, I couldn't bring it in to the club at ALL! Why? Probably because the bouncer hates his job and wants the venue to lose any rate Selam & I wound up at Velvet Lounge and peeped Melo-D & The Rados who were opened up with Jarrad Anthony, and Rosetta Stoned (?!? we missed them!?) Of course I hit up Black Mongoose again, and peeped Tamu, Hed-Roc Ardamus
and other heads I've not seen in a couple of winter moons!
If you out in DC-I'm here, let's be there!!

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