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Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 Deep

  The 10 Deep shindig at Element (225 East Houston) was aiite..

I was with my boy Ian from school aaaaallll the way in the back of the line when I walked up line to ear-hustle and BOOM!

Drew from X-Men (who incidentally goes to my school's BK campus) was chillin' talking to "The Twins" who did a couple cuts for Psalm One.  

So we did the Chi-York & crew shizzle and I slid in right behind the Twins, called Ian upline and we ran up in that joint, alcoholism ablaze.

Apparently only Heinekens were free (yuck) until 11p (doors opened at 10) and you needed an armband to get upstairs & cut the line-fuck me in the neck with a pit bulls tail-I was on the list and din't e'en know it...fuck!  So we had to hang downstairs with a gang of hard-legs and about two women-but I got to chill with a crew-mate I ain't meet before, Hollywood Holt & Million $ Mano briefly.
Peeped Rose from GoliathRF and Tyneal came through to spit game in my ear.

THe best moments were when the Murder Club reps got onstage

and as Mano spun, Holt screamed into the mic, jumpin from rap to some good-down home booty-house, of which i cannot allow myself to not boogie to! It was almost as awesome as my camera failing to operate!

All in all it was cool, just wish I planned to do something else that night in addition...

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