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Friday, December 26, 2008

As I roll through Divine Cee

I realize I miss this place-alot! DC was hella fun when I arrived, for all my guys were already here preparing the joant for me!
Ray Gunnz
Vaughn Cee
it was like a Off Da Wall take-over! State & Madison, our "hood" was replaced by Knowledge's Silver Spring Apt, his Accord & my 318. We rolled through the area from stem to stern MD, VA and every District in between, rhyming & stealing in a drunken state (someone should make a song...). The women are pretty, with southern sensibilities & decent educations, and a whole lotta ASS...public transportation galore and they even said "wutup joe!" like we did in the Chi.
Talented cats like Flex & Seez Mics, Arda Mus, Cagsta yo-the shit's rediculous.
Even now with the empty ass condo developments, clean and safe streets I'm digging DC. Knowledge & I are hot-steppin through Adams Morgan, Columbia Hts & U Street with a little gin on X-Mess day with not a fucking soul out reminiscing and talking shit. All it is was a pow-wow session as to the new bullshit we'll be on or rather-stay on together or apart.
Even iller is my pops, hella old but still sharp-minded so we keep each other company. I feel a lil bad cos the cat's legs don't move so fast anymore and my sped up NYC-style step prevents me for being able to walk with him without feeling entriely too confined (not to mention cold!) and restricted, but I compensate by cooking & cleaning for ol Pops. Thus far, shits been cool. Went to VA to see Nakhi, Ayana & Aiden-Loved that. Hope to stop in Richmond or get Kiarri here to DC to really go out kicking it before school jumps off-this is definately some cool shit right now so I give thanks to God and all that!
I'll holler.

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