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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why can't these ni66as SING?!?

On the real joe...what the fucks up?!? If one more person tries to say "Beyonce's a great singer!" I'ma knock they ass out!
Beyonce is FINE, Beyonce can DANCE, but her singing isn't the greatest. Chris Brown? C'mon yaw...get that nigga a lil more Autotune! Worse yet; it's not like hatin' on rappers who don't write but can follow the rhythm of the ghosts writers shit and pull you witha hook-if you can't sing and you're an R&B singer..? WTF?!? Fuck that! If you were butchering chords in a hardcore tune, or hammering eardrums with a bit of distorted guitar, I could forgive you-lord knows 90% of all rock bands' leadmen can't sing for shit, but could you just iono-stop?!?
Your lyrics are about fucking for money or money for fucking generally-be a gotdamn rapper. (That means any ballad where your car/home/jewelry/money are mentioned as a reason she's into you!) Rappers at least know we're assholes and have no problem with it.
The worst shit is hearing some cat who thought he was killin it in his shower while his boyfriend lathered up his nipples talk about how deeply emotional his new track "Broke the Emblem Off My Mercedes" will be.
Check it-Beyonce's "Put A Ring On It"? I liked the video. Two 32D guesses as to why. Beyonce running her pretty lil mouth about "if you like itthen you shoulda put a ring on it" sounds like blasphemy in my ears.
"So, Sine, who has moved you, you snobby little asshole you?" Lauryn Hill, Omar, Jessie Adore and the like...why? Cos if they sing to you live, they can still fuckin sing, and further-you know they feel what they sing about whether they wrote it or simply belted it out. C'mon y'all-I thought we all voted for Change!!

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